[pay tribute to elevator workers on May Day] | Li Jianming, chief engineer of Xinma elevator, won the honorary title of the first "Jiande craftsman"

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Recently, the first selection activity of "Jiande craftsmen" jointly sponsored and organized by 11 departments including the Organization Department of Jiande municipal Party committee, the publicity department and the Municipal Federation of trade unions has finally come to an end. Li Jianming, chief engineer of Hangzhou Xinma Elevator Co., Ltd., won the honorary title of "Jiande craftsman" for his 34 years of persistent cultivation, continuous innovation and outstanding achievements in the elevator field.
▲ exclusive interview video of the party building TV program of "pioneer of Building Morality"

1、 More than ten years of research and development
Li Jianming is a native of Jiande. In August 1984, he graduated from Zhejiang Institute of technology. With love for the elevator industry, he joined the big family of Xinma elevator. Today, 34 years have passed, and the young fresh student has already transformed into an outstanding senior engineer, senior, professional and independent. However, his dedication, studiousness and diligence have never changed.

▲ group photo of the first "Jiande craftsman" award party, Li Jianming (third from the left)
Focusing on R & D and innovation in the elevator industry, Li Jianming has always adhered to the working attitude of "professional dedication, dedication and responsibility", integrated the exquisite "craftsman spirit" into every link of the work, and did every work well with his heart. Over the past 34 years, he has constantly explored and innovated, trained excellent technical skills, and cultivated the craftsman spirit of refusing impetuosity and pursuing excellence.
In addition to being strict with himself, as the chief engineer of Singapore Malaysia, Li Jianming is also conscientious. Over the years, he has led the Xinma technical team to cut through difficulties and overcome difficulties in the arena of the elevator industry. A number of technologies and products he has led and completed have reached the domestic advanced level. He has successively obtained 16 utility model patents and 5 invention patents, with fruitful technical achievements. It can be said that the product R & D and technological innovation of Xinma at all stages have almost infiltrated his youth, sweat and hard work.
2、 Ingenuity, independent research and development of automobile elevator
In the early 1990s, under the background of the increasing scale of modern cities, car elevators serving passengers have broader and broader development prospects. However, the research and development of automobile elevator was still a relatively advanced technology in China at that time, especially the problems of car deformation, inclination and door panel falling off, which were very difficult to solve.

Although there is no mature experience to learn from, Li Jianming still chooses to face the difficulties. On the one hand, he guides the feasibility of the design through relevant theoretical knowledge, and on the other hand, he improves the problems in the actual operation as much as possible through continuous calculation and test. To test the deformation of the car caused by the impact force of the car, Li Jianming specially made a reinforced concrete simulated shaft. After seven or eight months of repeated tests, a structure was basically determined, and the large tonnage three-dimensional gantry structure was studied in this way.
The stable large tonnage three-dimensional gantry structure can withstand the huge eccentric load force and impact force caused by the car entering and leaving the car, and solve the long-standing technical problems of the car elevator. Xinma series products have successfully entered the domestic and foreign markets with excellent technical content, effectively meeting the demand for large tonnage and large lift car elevators in factories, warehouses and other occasions.
3、 Innovation and reform, inorganic room elevator into reality
With the changes of the times, especially the rise of the national construction industry, residents have higher and higher requirements for building supporting facilities. Therefore, since 2000, Li Jianming has focused on the research and development of machine room less elevator.

Inorganic room elevator is not to improve the simple part of the traditional elevator in the past, but to make an all-round change in the machinery and electrical appliances of the whole elevator system. How to find a working space for key components such as lift car, drive host, control cabinet and speed governor without setting up a machine room has also become a topic that Li Jianming thinks about day and night.
During the research and development period, various unexpected technical problems came one after another. At this time, Li Jianming will take the drawings and testing tools and climb to the elevator machine room to check the situation. For the 139 meter high test tower, he has to run up and down several times every day. Where there is a will, there is a way. In this way, Li Jianming and the R & D team of Xinma have finally realized the machine room free elevator with the tenacity of fighting more and more bravely and the spirit of expanding new.

▲ photo of the first "Jiande craftsman" award party, Li Jianming (second from the right)
Over the past 34 years, with his greatest ability and enthusiasm, Li Jianming has made the best of his work and laid a solid technical foundation for the development, transformation and upgrading of the enterprise. His technical achievements are numerous and won many honors - in 2002, he was awarded the title of expert in "attacking a pass" in the "five ones" activity of Jiande City; In 2007, it won the "outstanding contribution award" for the second session of scientific and technological workers in Jiande City; In 2011, it won a second prize for scientific and technological progress of Jiande City and a third prize for scientific and technological progress of Jiande City; In 2015, it won the second prize of Zhejiang elevator industry innovation and entrepreneurship competition; In 2017, he was appointed as a member of Zhejiang Special Equipment Standardization Technical Committee
Now, Li Jianming has another glorious title of "Jiande craftsman", which is well deserved. Congratulations to our chief engineer! I also hope that his craftsman spirit of "pursuing perfection, creating perfection, striving for excellence, innovation and Transcendence" can be further promoted in the new Malaysian Family in the future.
Labor Day is coming,
Hangzhou Xinma Elevator Co., Ltd. with all employees
Like chief engineer Li Jianming
Elevator people who stick to their posts and work hard
With the highest respect!
Thank you for your hard work!
Also bless all friends in other industries
Happy holidays!
May everyone
Successful career, good health and happy family!

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