Fire Elevator

Fire safety precautions

XINMA Fire Elevator

Xinma firefighter elevator is developed for the importance, building area, height, use nature and other needs of high-rise buildings. It is usually used as a general elevator. When fire fighting needs, it can provide fast and safe services for fire rescue: for firefighters to carry fire extinguisher materials into high-rise buildings for fire fighting; Rescue and evacuate injured or old, weak, sick and disabled personnel; Avoid the "collision" between firefighters and evacuees on the evacuation stairs, which will delay the time of fire extinguishing and affect personnel evacuation; Prevent firefighters from climbing through stairs for a long time and consuming a lot of energy.

Fire Fighting Function

Dual Power Supply Design

The dual power supply design is adopted. In case the power supply of the building service elevator is interrupted, the special power supply for the fire elevator provided by the user can be switched on automatically and can continue to operate.

Emergency Control Function

It has emergency control function, that is, when there is a fire upstairs, it can accept instructions and return to the first floor in time, instead of continuing to accept passengers. It can only be used by firefighters.

Emergency Evacuation Exit

An emergency evacuation exit is reserved at the top of the lift car. In case of failure of the door opening mechanism of the elevator, it can also be evacuated from here.

Building Requirements

  • The fireman elevator shall be equipped with a front room, which shall be equipped with a fire door to make it have the function of fire prevention and smoke control, so as to facilitate smoke control and smoke exhaust and the work of firefighters;
  • The front room of firefighter elevator shall be equipped with fire standpipe and fire hydrant;
  • The shaft of the fireman elevator shall be set separately, and no other electrical pipes, water pipes, gas pipes or ventilation pipes shall pass through;
  • The bottom of the fireman elevator shaft shall be provided with drainage outlet and drainage facilities.