Professional and efficient drive

Leading Technology

Uphold the usual rigorous design philosophy,XINMA escalator / moving walkto the quality of the "security" of the enterprise foothold. Fully taken intoaccount in detail the passengers need to bring people to a more harmonious,more secure passenger line environment.

1Lower rotating station security

When the step chain run, double protection.

2Emergency stop button

When the button is pressed, the escalator (moving walk) willstop running.

3Comb entrance

Escalator up and down side, the entrance to the steps and comb yellow police tape.

4Skirt panel brush

The brush that has been installed between the skirt panel and the step will prevent the shoes of passengersfrom touching the skirt panel.

5Speed monitoring function

When speeding and deceleration escalators (moving walk)automatically stop running.

6Drive chain broken chain protection

when the driving chain is overstretch,automaticallytensioning, broken will automatically stop running.

7Step(tread) sunk protection device

When there is abnormal step bending,the escalator(moving walk) will be stopped for running before the step entering into the comb plate.

8Handrail speed measuring device

lf the hand strap than cascade slowed to a certain value, the escalator stop running (moving walk).


Efficient and safe, Technology induction

XINMA escalators,Applies advanced technology of world escalator industry,integrates with diverse functions,precise manufacturing and optimized fashion design of product,Leading the new fashion escalator

  • Efficient and safe

    With a faulty display, It can accurately analyze the running status and display it on the screen to ensure timely and effective maintenance.

  • Technology induction

    With a faulty display, lt can accurately analyze the running status and display it on the screen toensure timely and effective maintenance.

Moving Walk

Running smoothly, Real-time monitoring

With a new,stylish and creative design, it is quietly waiting in everycorner of the city in an elegant atmosphere.The industry's leadinginnovative technology to achieve safe,energy-saving,environmentally friendly green operation,and promote thesustainable development of the city.

  • Energy-saving safety device

    The integration of a number of international leading technologies and energy-saving safety devices completely eliminates the conventional hidden dangers of ladder chain looseness,step and apron plates,and comb-tooth plate friction, and regular maintenance to ensuresafe and smooth operation.

  • Microcomputer control technology

    Adopting international leading computer control technology,controlled by CPumotherboard computer, It can fully monitor the running status of the escalator, detect andeliminate potential safety hazards in time, and ensure the safety of passengers.

Standard Function

Armrest entrance

Novel,contemporary fashion sensestreamline handrail the entrance designgives escalator more spiritual affinity,contains carefully observe users.Do nowflexible, rounded, smooth beauty, but alsohighlight the elegance and dignity of thesurrounding buildings.

Wheel Built-step chain

The wheel is built into a specially designedroller step chain,can effectively reducedrive noise when running,run moresmoothly and quiet.

Automatic oiling

PLC control automatic lubrication system,to achieve the escalator running to thedrive chain ideal automatic lubrication, notonly to reduce the workload, and routinemaintenance can extend the life of thetransmission mechanism.

Host computer

Higher transmission efficiency,lowerrunning noise, longer life.

Fault Monitor

When a fault occurs,the fault code will bedisplayed on the screen determine thefault location fault,greatly improvingmaintenance efficiency.

High precision ladder rail side guide rail system

The rail system uses a large cross-section with shoulder rails,steps highprecision lateral positioning,canguarantee to maintain a minimumclearance between the steps and apron,lower skirt with cascade gap any objectinto the dangerous.

Optional Funtion

Running direction indication

Running direction and the forbidden linedisplay the logo placed handrailentrances to run or forbidden lineindicates obvious,to ensure thatpassengers are safe and comfortableride.

Skirt panel illumination

Along the the cascade running trackstreamlined skirting lighting light,at runtime,not only to maintain the beam andbeautiful at the same time stressed thatthe visibility of the escalators in the entirebuilding and make passengers morecomfortable ride and safety.

Automatic start/stop

Located at the red line on both sides of theentrance forefront pedal sensing devicescan be detected in real time to thepassengers entering the area,andcommunications the control microcomputerautomatic escalator (travelator) run; ladderwill automatically stop when all thepassengers to leave,to achieve the bestenergy-saving effect.


Handrail lighting installed in the armrestbracket,the soft light running escalatoradd several Reiki.

Heating device

The upper safety room heating,centralinstalled in the escalator Central lowermounting the next room, primarily heatingof the entire ladder path.

Variable frequency drive-VVVF

No-load case,the escalator (travelator)at low running passengers close to both run back to normal speed when detected,significant energy savings, up to 40%.

Perfect Layout


Such layout has the advantages of small covering area, flexible escalator can only fulfill one-way intermittent flow of the passengers. It is mostly suitable forsmall-size shopping places.


Such layout is a bit larger than that from the irregular layout. lt can fulfill one-waycontinuous flow of the passengers. It is mostly suitable for small and mediumdepartment stores.


Such layout is mainly fit for large passenger flow shopping centers and public trafficareas. It can fulfill two-way continuous flow of large passenger flows. When one-waypeak hour occurs in the passenger flow, we can adjust the travel direction of partialescalators in order to satisfy rush-hour flow according to the passenger flowrequirements.Without an internal baffle, such mode is quite economical.


Such layout is mainly suitable for large-size department stores and public constructions.The conveying times between these floors shall be minimized as far as possible.

Construction Sketch

1000 1260 1600 1700 2300
800 1060 1400 1500 2100
600 860 1200 1300 1900
1000 1260 1600 1700 2300
800 1060 1400 1500 2100