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Professional service team

We have a professional maintenance team to provide high-quality installation, repair and maintenance for every customer in time.

Quick response

XINMA elevator has established a nationwide service network and a 24-hour service hotline, which offers quick, professional and thoughtful advice and services wherever you are in the city.

Maintenance system

Xinma maintenance team has received strict training, professional skills, rich experience and a good understanding of products, which can ensure the efficient operation of your elevator.

Service network

XINMA has a large service network in the country. No matter which city you are in, Xinma's professional team can provide you with the most professional service guidance and support.

Strive for zero fault in elevator

XINMA adopts advanced sensor technology to collect real-time operation data of elevator, makes data analysis, modeling through micro processor, adopts GPRS+GSM communication pattern to transmit data to monitoring center, being comprehensive elevator management platform realizing elevator malfunction fault alarm, rescue, daily management, quality evaluation, risk prevention, risk evaluation, benchmarking system and energy technology.

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