Clean Elevator

Clean and dust-free environment

XINMA Clean Elevator

Xinma clean elevators are mainly used in pharmaceuticals, clean and dust-free workshops, laboratories, electronic instruments, precision instrument workshops, as well as biological, microparticle, nanotechnology, etc. environments that require clean air.

Product Features

FFU Fresh Air System

Xinma Clean Elevator adopts FFU fresh air system to purify the elevator shaft, car and machine room (or an independent space as a clean room).

The external air is sucked into the machine by the internal and external circulation purifier, and after multiple filtration, it is pressed into the inside of the hoistway, so that a positive and negative air pressure difference is formed inside the hoistway. A return air duct is set in the hoistway. The negative pressure enters the return air duct through the return air louver. The other end of the return air duct is connected to the FFU fresh air system. this cycle.

Stainless Steel

The car wall, car top, car bottom and car door of Xinma clean elevator car are all made of stainless steel.

Antistatic Coating

The surfaces of other metal parts and shafts have dust-proof and anti-static coatings, which can effectively reduce the adhesion of dust and the static electricity generated by the movement of structural parts.

Led Three Proof Lamp

The lighting system in the car adopts waterproof, dustproof and anti-static LED three-proof lights.

Dustproof Door Machine

The elevator door operator system is a dedicated dust-proof door operator, and the dust-proof level can reach IP54.

Dust Blocking Pad

The bottom of the elevator can optionally be laid with a dust-blocking pad, which can absorb the dust that may be generated when the elevator is running.