Explosion-proof Elevator

Safe operation in explosive gas environment

XINMA Explosion-proof Elevator

In addition to the necessary performance of general elevators, Xinma explosion-proof elevator also has explosion-proof performance. Its explosion-proof grade is Ⅱ BT4. It is mainly used in petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, military, pharmaceutical and other environmental places with flammable and explosive gases.

Xinma explosion-proof elevator is an explosion-proof elevator product combining explosion-proof technology and intrinsic safety technology.
The combination of explosion-proof technology and intrinsic safety technology on the same product is a community with complementary advantages of two explosion-proof forms. The explosion-proof elevator with explosion-proof and intrinsic safety is adopted, which has stronger operability, flexible use and convenient maintenance on site.

Explosion-proof products

It is a kind of strong explosion-proof product, which is often used for explosion-proof of strong electric systems. Its shell can withstand the flammable mixture that penetrates into the interior of the shell through any joint surface or structural gap of the shell. Ignition of an explosive atmosphere formed by one or more gases or vapours.

Intrinsically Safe Products

The intrinsically safe product is an energy-safe explosion-proof product, which is often used in the explosion-proof of weak current systems. Any spark or thermal effect generated by its circuit under normal operation and specified fault conditions cannot ignite the specified explosive gas environment.

Product Features

Explosion Proof Host

Xinma explosion-proof elevator adopts permanent magnet synchronous non-gear explosion-proof main engine. Compared with the common AC asynchronous motor with gear main engine in the current market, it has system high efficiency and energy saving (no gear reducer), green environmental protection (no lubricating oil, no oil pollution) )Etc.