[Enterprise News] luxury cruise ship overseas tour a trip to "ocean quantum" by the excellent agent of Xinma elevator

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June is a season of rapid progress,
Everything is growing unscrupulously,
Especially the green in that summer,
Thick and deep, dyed all over the mountains and fields.
At this time,
Hangzhou Xinma Elevator Co., Ltd
Will be rated for the previous year
Excellent agent representatives and sales elites
Prepare for an exquisite overseas trip——
Let the nervous and busy partners of Xinma
Feel a different country,
While enjoying the pleasant scenery of nature, you can also relax your body and mind.

Happy group photo of Xinma partners

This year is no exception. On June 28, Shanghai Wusong international cruise terminal was surrounded by more than 30 excellent agent representatives and sales elites from all over the country, talking and laughing. Subsequently, they will embark on the Shimonoseki Sasebo 5-night and 6-day luxury cruise for them.

The ocean quantum, which is one of the ten largest cruise ships in the world, belongs to the Royal Caribbean cruise ship.

Ocean quantum shows luxury.
Under the broad background of sea sky connection,
The ocean quantum is speeding.

Someone couldn't help showing a wave of love.

After the six-day outbound tour by luxury cruise ship, everyone said that during the pleasant and unforgettable journey, they not only experienced the exotic customs and customs, but also deeply felt the strong cohesion and ultra-high happiness index of the warm family of Singapore and Malaysia.
"Every departure is for better harvest." I believe that my friends will bring the experiences and insights from the trip to work practice, meet the challenges with a fuller mental state, work together, ride the wind and waves, and create a better future for Singapore and Malaysia.
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