[enterprise dynamics] - the senior management group of Sanhang holding group visited Xinma elevator and successfully held the 2018 annual meeting in Xin'anjiang

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From January 11 to 12, 2018, the 2018 annual meeting of Sanhang Holding Group Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Xin'anjiang. As the host, Hangzhou Xinma Elevator Co., Ltd. received the senior managers of Sanhang head office and branches all over the country who came to attend the annual meeting.
During this period, the executives visited the office building, production workshop, test tower and other facilities of Xinma elevator, and had a further understanding of Xinma elevator; At the dinner of the annual meeting, Xinma and Sanhang employees performed wonderful programs. Everyone gathered together, sang and danced, and spent a beautiful and unforgettable night together.
On the morning of January 11, Xinma employees led the executives of Sanhang head office and branches to visit the company's exhibition hall, elevator Internet of things platform, elevator intelligent production line and elevator test tower in batches, and introduced the company's history and development in recent years.
When visiting the exhibition hall of the company, the staff of Xinma introduced the growth process of Xinma elevator and the characteristics of the elevator designed, produced and installed to the executives. Subsequently, they also led them to feel the convenience brought by the company's unique elevator group control system and call system for elevator operation, and experienced the strong security guarantee brought by its independently developed elevator Internet of things platform for elevator operation. After understanding the elevator Internet of things platform, someone repeatedly praised: "with Xinma's elevator Internet of things, you can rest assured to take the elevator in the future!"

When visiting the intelligent production line of Xinma elevator, one full-automatic production robot in the production workshop instantly attracted the attention of executives, and took out mobile phones to take photos.

Especially when they stand at the top of the elevator test tower, while marveling at the excellent elevator technology of Xinma, they are full of praise for the beauty of Xin'anjiang and the good office environment of Xinma.

At noon of the same day, executives of Sanhang group, some executives of Xinma and sales staff of Xinma with outstanding sales performance drove to Kaihao hotel of Xin'anjiang Peninsula to hold a year-end meeting. At the meeting, we made a comprehensive analysis and summary on the work of the past year, and discussed and deployed the plan for the new year. In addition, the meeting also commended the 2017 advanced employees and excellent teams.

At 6 p.m. on January 12, the 2018 annual meeting of "building a century old Sanhang international brand" kicked off with cheerful music. The program performances at the annual meeting were colorful and attracted thunderous applause, which fully demonstrated the talent and youthful charm of Sanhang people and Xinma people. After the artistic performance, the company prepared a sumptuous lunch for all employees and guests. During the banquet, everyone raised their glasses, drank and prepared, encouraged each other, sent blessings to each other, and enjoyed a happy night together.
In 2018, both Xinma elevator and Sanhang group are gradually developing towards an international enterprise with their own strength and looking at the world. In the new year, Xinma elevator will always pursue excellence and strive to create new brilliance!

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