[enterprise dynamics] | build a dream and win-win future with one heart -- the annual commendation conference of Singapore Malaysia elevator and the 2018 Spring Festival annual meeting were successfully held

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The year of the rooster is composed of songs of prosperity and prosperity, and the year of the dog is high and eulogized.
Having bid farewell to 2017, which has made great achievements, we are looking forward to ushering in 2018, which is full of hope. On the occasion of leaving the old and welcoming the new, Hangzhou Xinma Elevator Co., Ltd. grandly held the 2017 annual commendation conference and 2018 Spring Festival annual meeting on February 7. The theme of this annual meeting is "new dream and new leap". Shareholders, strategic partners, guests and all employees of Singapore Malaysia elevator are invited to gather together to experience and feel this grand ceremony.
Chairman's speech
In the warm applause of the audience, Mr. Zheng Yihua, chairman of Xinma elevator, delivered a speech at the annual meeting. Mr. Zheng first thanked the shareholders, Sanhang holding group, Meitong home group and the company's employees for their support and efforts in the past year, as well as the care and trust of all sectors of society. Thanks to the joint efforts of all of you, the operating indicators of Xinma elevator in 2017 once again achieved the best results in history on the basis of a new high in 2016


In his speech, President Zheng summarized the outstanding progress made by Xinma elevator in ten aspects including factory inspection system, enterprise publicity and material control around the theme of "change" in the past year. He stressed that in the face of an increasingly complex market, Xinma elevator must continue to "innovate" - thinking, system and culture. President Zheng hopes that in 2018, we can show our blood, courage, release the wolf nature, work together to create brilliance, and make the five words "Xinma elevator man" stand tall and upright.
The commendation meeting was a gathering of heroes
In 2017, it was a group of outstanding cadres, employees and teams who scrupulously performed their duties and had the courage to make breakthroughs that made Xinma elevator achieve steady and rapid development in a relatively sluggish market environment. Based on the democratic recommendation of employees of all departments and the collective research and decision of the leadership, the company selected the "top ten excellent employees Award", "excellent management cadre Award", "sales elite Award", "Xinma craftsman", "outstanding contribution" and "excellent team" according to everyone's contribution value, and a total of more than 30 people were commended.
Group photo of award-winning employees

At the meeting, the company presented honorary certificates and bonuses to the winners, and made wonderful and moving awards and comments to thank them for their efforts and efforts in the past year. At the same time, it encouraged all Singaporeans to compete bravely and achieve good results.


The winners and teams also said that in their future work, they will continue to explore and innovate, forge ahead, strive for new achievements, go to a new level, and make greater contributions to the company in their respective jobs.
The annual meeting of the Chinese New Year is wonderful
After the inspiring commendation meeting, a spring festival art show jointly performed by all Singaporeans ignited the atmosphere of the scene in an instant. The performers are management cadres and employees from all departments of the company. After careful planning and intense rehearsal after work, a wonderful "audio-visual feast" was perfectly presented in front of you that night.
Sales Chorus
Sketch performance
At the dinner party, the staff of various departments in Singapore and Malaysia brought wonderful performances such as dance, solo, sketch crosstalk and interactive games, which were in different forms, popular and elegant, lively and dazzling. The lucky draw interspersed in the program pushed the atmosphere of on-site celebration to a climax.
The chairman toasted to everyone
The grand event of the new Malaysian family is indispensable for good wine. The nectar drunk in the cup is not only a reward for yesterday's glory, but also a prospect for the future of tomorrow. While enjoying the wonderful program performance, we expressed our gratitude between pushing cups and changing lamps, exchanged wine and pleasure, discussed the harvest of the past year, and looked forward to the new year together. I will never forget the most beautiful night tonight. The wonderful party has added a good memory to our annual reunion.

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