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On October 30, the autumn was crisp, fresh and comfortable, and the air was filled with warmth, which made people feel comfortable and beautiful. With expectation, we welcome Zhu Dacheng, 83, the pioneer (founder) of Xinma elevator, and his wife.
Never forget the original intention and forge ahead
In 1975, Mr. Zhu Dacheng, the former technical engineer of Shanghai Jiangnan Shipyard, came to Jiande. In that era when a hundred wastes were waiting for prosperity and a hundred industries were waiting for development, exploration and innovation became the "cornerstone" to inspire Zhu Lao to go to the road of success. An accidental opportunity inspired Zhu Laokai's innovative products, sprouted his new ideas on elevator technology research and development, and decided to create his own elevator business in Jiande.

At the end of 1976, under the strong leadership of Zhu laoqiang, Xin'anjiang elevator factory overcame various difficulties under heavy pressure, and finally successfully installed the first Xin'anjiang elevator in Shanghai box making No. 15 factory. This scientific and technological achievement obtained the scientific and technological achievement certificate of the county Party committee and county government at that time, was recognized by the Ministry of construction, and became one of the first batch of 14 elevator manufacturers designated by the Ministry of construction.
At that time, it was the time of reform and opening up, and the wave of entrepreneurship swept through China. With the joint efforts of Mr. Zhu and all employees, the elevator factory has seized the opportunity of the times, successfully opened the Shenzhen market and become a new focus of the domestic elevator industry. Batch after batch of elevator people in the new era have moved from here to the window of the world.
Go back to Xinma and visit your family
With the passage of time, Xin'anjiang elevator factory, which was in high spirits at the beginning, has now become a senior industry giant. During the 41 years of hard work, Mr. Zhu always adheres to the heart of craftsmen and loves the elevator industry. At the age of 83, he often shares his valuable experience with his younger generation. When it comes to Xinma elevator, Mr. Zhu is still in high spirits. This enthusiasm for Xinma elevator makes people excited and warm.

Accompanied by Chairman Zheng Yihua and senior executives of the company, Mr. and Mrs. Zhu cordially expressed condolences to the new and old employees of all departments and production lines of the company. They were invited to participate in the symposium organized by the sales department and made a wonderful speech on the "six elements" of sales for the sales elites, Zhu Lao stressed: "an excellent salesperson must be open-minded, have a pattern, firmly believe that suffering losses is a blessing, learn to give play to his subjective initiative in his work, face difficulties and become stronger and stronger."
Zhu Lao is deeply proud of the brilliance and honor created by Xinma elevator in the past 41 years. He said: the new generation of Singaporeans should inherit the craftsman spirit of the older generation, forge ahead, make unremitting efforts and forge ahead; He firmly believes that the new Malaysia new journey is becoming more and more prosperous!
Revisit the hometown, and the scenery remains the same

During his visit to Singapore and Malaysia with his wife, old Zhu once thought of revisiting some scenic spots in Jiande. He said: "when I recall that year, I feel thousands of touch and flick my fingers!"
Plum blossom ancient town close to mountains and rivers, dusk fishing village with beautiful scenery
The autumn wind blows across my face, quite quiet; The moonlight is like water, sparkling and flashing, and the shadow of mountains is superimposed, with infinite artistic conception; What a scene of Jiande with a strong sense of autumn
Although Jiande is beautiful, in old Zhu's heart, the most beautiful thing is the big family of Xinma.
For more than 40 years, inspired by the pioneering and innovative spirit of the older generation of elevator people, the new generation of new Malaysian people have not forgotten their original intention, kept pace with the times, cut through thorns and thorns all the way, overcome difficulties, constantly explore, grasp new opportunities for reform and development, and constantly make remarkable achievements. As the parent of Xinma family, Zhu Lao witnessed every step of Xinma's growth process.
Xinma elevator has been professional for 41 years. The new generation of Singaporean and Malaysian people will inherit the classics, carry forward the past and forge ahead into the future, set sail for a new era and a new journey, and continue to write the quality legend of Singaporean and Malaysian elevator!

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