[enterprise hot spot] | Hangzhou Xinma elevator sincerely invites national excellent agents to share Malaysia's "glorious journey"

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Recently, the national excellent agents, excellent regional general managers and sales managers of Xinma elevator from all over the country have embarked on a journey to Malaysia and started a dream journey.

From the thrilling mangrove exploration to the magnificent marine scenery, the Royal Pewter Museum and the National Palace, from the towering Twin Peak Tower to the blue dream "Gold Coast" podshen, an endless stream of exotic customs brought everyone a surprise and relaxation. From the busy work, I felt a novel and beautiful unforgettable trip.
"Journey footprint"

▲ the famous Twin Peak Tower stands opposite each other, towering into the clouds
▲ in front of the tall Golden Buddha statue, the square is full of gray and white pigeons
▲ on the vast sea, look at our flying boats under the waves
▲ in the midsummer season surrounded by green trees, the path is winding and the pool water is clear, just like a picture
▲ walking on the streets of Malaysia, its unique mosque architecture is impressive
Note dynamic simple split line
As we all know, as the link connecting manufacturers and consumer markets, agents play a connecting role in the circulation link, realizing the transformation from physical goods to commodity value. At the same time, they also undertake a series of functions such as regional market maintenance, brand publicity, terminal construction, promotion and promotion, which is the tentacle for manufacturers to achieve market possession and control.
For agents, manufacturers are their biggest resources and dependence. From a series of levels such as products, brands and promotion, agents need the resources and support of manufacturers. It should be said that the two are a mutually beneficial relationship, which is more prominent in the field of elevator product channel distribution.
As a leading elevator manufacturer in China, Hangzhou Xinma Elevator Co., Ltd. has always attached great importance to the benign development of manufacturer relationship.
Mr. Zheng Yihua, chairman of Xinma elevator, said on many occasions that agents are Xinma's most valuable wealth. The reason why Xinma can stand out among many brands and achieve rapid growth is inseparable from the support of agents and loyalty to Xinma brand. So far, in the process of moving forward side by side, Xinma has been connected with the agent. The agent is not only a partner, but also Xinma's family.
Therefore, Singapore and Malaysia have always attached great importance to the construction of agent team, not only providing support in market resources, but also implementing various incentive policies in the construction of corporate culture, so that agents have a high recognition and sense of belonging to the enterprise.
This inspection tour is not only to recognize the performance of excellent agents, but also to increase friendship and mutually beneficial exchanges through this trip. It is of great significance to comprehensively promote the friendly cooperation between Xinma and agents and enhance the cohesion of the team.

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