[enterprise hot spot] classic project success report escalator project of Qiqihar Huawei Industrial Co., Ltd. successfully signed

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Hangzhou Xinma elevator has been working hard for 40 years, focusing on products and adhering to the craftsman spirit. Adhering to the enterprise philosophy of "carrying value and opening the future", we win the market with intelligent and efficient products, and give back the ultimate and ingenious services to customers. We "go hand in hand and strive for win-win results"!

● shake hands with Xinma and surpass dreams
Recently, Hangzhou Xinma elevator and Qiqihar Huawei Industrial Co., Ltd. successfully signed the escalator project.

● keep improving and have excellent ingenuity
Warwick Industrial Co., Ltd. is a well-known enterprise in Qiqihar, which has been honed by the business sea. The enterprise carefully creates an all-round business line integrating garment manufacturing, chemical products, general equipment and electrical machinery. Through in-depth understanding of the elevator industry and full comparative research of the elevator market, we will finally work with Singapore and Malaysia to open a new future of bilateral strategic cooperation.


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