[good news] - the first quarter work conference of Hangzhou Sanhang holding group in 2017 was successfully held!

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On the morning of April 24, the working conference of Hangzhou Sanhang holding group for the first quarter of 2017 was successfully held in Hangzhou Xinma elevator. Representatives of 17 subsidiaries from all over the country gathered in Xinma science and technology innovation park to attend the meeting. Zheng Yihuan, chairman of Sanhang holding group, he Changhua, President, Zheng Yihua, chairman of Hangzhou Xinma elevator, and other leaders of various departments of the group and various subsidiaries across the country attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Zheng Cong, Secretary of the board of directors of Hangzhou Xinma elevator, made a detailed report on the work of Xinma elevator in the first quarter; Zheng Yihua, chairman of the board, said that Hangzhou Xinma elevator achieved a good start in 2017. He stressed the core concept of enterprises opening high and walking high, aiming at the front line, aiming at the first-class and creating the safest elevator; At the same time, he reported to the leaders of Sanhang group a series of changes and measures in the recent development of Xinma team.

▼ leaders of Hangzhou Sanhang group and national subsidiaries visited Xinma production workshop

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