[hot spots in Singapore and Malaysia] mayor Zhu Huan went to Singapore and Malaysia for research and guidance

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On the morning of March 13, Zhu Huan, mayor of Jiande City, visited Xinma elevator to investigate the elevator manufacturing and R & D, accompanied by leaders of the Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology, the Municipal Bureau of tourism and Commerce and other departments.

Accompanied by Chairman Zheng Yihua, mayor Zhu and his party successively visited the product exhibition area, remote monitoring system, electric control dust-free workshop, machine replacement and the construction site of phase I project of Xinma science and technology innovation park. Zheng Yihua, chairman of the company, made a report on the current production and operation, the good start of the first quarter and the future development work plan.
Mayor Zhu pointed out that Hangzhou Xinma elevator is not only an old brand enterprise of Jiande, but also second to none in the history of elevator manufacturing in China.
Mayor Zhu stressed that the municipal government should fully support the secondary entrepreneurship and innovation of established enterprises, and require all government departments to do a good job in supporting services, so as to further improve the quality and brand efficiency of Xinma elevator and reach a new high.
Mayor Zhu requested that the development of Hangzhou Xinma elevator is inseparable from an efficient and pragmatic team. It is necessary to grasp the development opportunities, concentrate on marketing, expand the market and increase the market share; We should give full play to the enthusiasm of the new team, concentrate and create brilliance.
Zheng Yihua, chairman of Hangzhou Xinma elevator, made a statement on behalf of the senior management team.

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