New lift lift] focus on one belt, one road elevator industry.

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Hangzhou Xinma elevator is one of the first eight elevator manufacturers in China. It is a benchmark enterprise of "China's intelligent manufacturing leader". Xinma elevator has focused on intelligent manufacturing research and development for 40 years, which not only inherits the essence of elevator intelligent manufacturing technology, but also guides scientific and technological innovation, transformation and upgrading of Chinese enterprises. The new rise of the elevator industry carries an important responsibility and historical mission that cannot be missed.

New horse lift focuses one belt, one road.
Join hands with Azerbaijan to reach a new front of strategic cooperation

▲ representatives of Singapore Malaysia elevator conducted friendly interviews on strategic cooperative relations in Azerbaijan (Baku)

▲ operation route of Zheng Ou international railway container freight train
▼ trans Asian high speed railway, Central Asian high speed railway, Eurasian high speed railway, China Russia Canada America high speed railway

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