[classic project] Xinbao Xinma elevator helps CIC Longxin to create a perfect ecological real estate.

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Hangzhou Xinma Elevator Co., Ltd. successfully won the bid for the construction project of [CIC Longxin · Chaohu @ smart peak valley] phase I standardized plant, helping CIC Longxin industry to create a perfect ecological home for Anhui Juchao economic development zone. And reach a long-term strategic cooperative relationship under the role of friendly exchanges between the two sides. New starting point, new height, new landmark.
It is reported that Xinma elevator will provide 76 large tonnage cargo elevators and a series of after-sales services such as installation and maintenance for the project construction. The lift car is designed and manufactured with microcomputer control technology and high-strength profile, which is suitable for normal operation in various harsh environments. It is an important means of transportation for goods in factories, warehouses, shopping malls, houses and other places.

▲ the figure shows the construction planning of CIC Longxin Chaohu @ smart peak valley standardized plant
Project introduction
[CIC Longxin · Chaohu @ smart peak valley] proposed site of phase I standardized plant construction project: Anhui Juchao Economic Development Zone (the intersection of Xiangyang South Road and Dawan Road, Chaohu District, Anhui Province). The construction area is up to 320000 m2. It is planned to build 34 main industrial buildings such as standardized workshops, office buildings and living buildings, and build a new intelligent composite industrial park in China with the design concept of "science and technology, humanities, ecology, landscape and landmark".

[CIC Longxin · Chaohu @ smart peak valley] large complex is a key industrial project of local urban construction. From the construction project to the main implementation, the project is huge. Therefore, CIC Longxin must comprehensively consider the brand strength, technical quality, service qualification and other comprehensive strength of the project supplier. To become the cooperation unit of the project, Xinma relies not only on advanced and excellent technical strength, but also on the first-class quality service.
This time, we won the bid to become the partner of [CIC Longxin Chaohu @ smart peak valley] project. Xinma elevator will provide one-stop services in the whole process from design, manufacturing to installation and maintenance according to business customization needs, so as to help the construction of large-scale comprehensive industrial park and make Xinma elevator and smart peak valley complement each other!

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[classic project] Xinbao Xinma elevator helps CIC Longxin to create a perfect ecological real estate.

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