[classic project] Xinbao Xinma elevator helps CIC Longxin to create a perfect ecological real estate.

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Recently, Xinma elevator and its strategic partner Kaihua Baxian Real Estate Co., Ltd. once again worked together to provide exclusive production, installation and maintenance services for its [Kaihua County Lotus Square] and underground space development projects, such as central commercial complex escalators, sidewalks, passenger elevators, freight elevators and other elevator specifications.

At the initial stage of cooperation, Xinma elevator provided scientific and reasonable product configuration based on the passenger flow planning of Lotus Square, and built an efficient, comfortable and safe customized building transportation scheme. The complete set of elevator products provided by Xinma have core technical support to ensure the safe, comfortable and efficient operation of the elevator.

It is reported that the [Kaihua County Lotus Square] project invested and developed by Baxian Real Estate Co., Ltd. is located in the core area of Kaihua County, Quzhou City. It extends to Jiangbin Road in the East, Jikui road in the south, Xiqu road in the West and the Public Security Bureau building in the north. It not only extends the function of Yuping Cultural Park, but also integrates with Xiqu cultural style street as a whole. Its geographical location is extremely superior. As the core task of the "four major projects" of urban construction in Kaihua County, it was listed as a key (large) project in Zhejiang Province in 2016.

The total investment of the project is up to 560 million, covering a total area of 23416 square meters. With the theme of urban leisure, the square takes the ripples produced by lotus and dew drops on the water surface as the morphological intention, supplemented by the cultural embellishment of "square pond and moon" in the eight ancient scenes of Qincheng, which can be called a classic work of the integration of regional cultural accumulation and modern urban style.

This time, Xinma elevator and Baxian real estate have joined hands to create another architectural classic. We hope that through our efforts, we can create the best product and service experience for customers, guard the safe and comfortable boarding and landing with Xinma quality - help [Kaihua County Lotus Square] become a collection of "cultural leisure", "citizen rest" and "theme exhibition" ”A block of urban tourism, culture and business complex integrating "commercial development".

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[classic project] Xinbao Xinma elevator helps CIC Longxin to create a perfect ecological real estate.
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