[classic project] | Jiebao Xinma elevator won the bid for the shanty town reconstruction project in Bijie Vocational Education City, helping to build affordable housing projects

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Recently, Hangzhou Xinma Elevator Co., Ltd. successfully won the bid for the "2016 shanty town reconstruction (xieyeshan phase II) project of Bijie Shuangshan New Area Vocational Education City", and joined hands with Guizhou Bijie Shuangshan Construction Investment Co., Ltd. to build a indemnificatory housing project!
Xinma elevator will provide the design, production, installation and maintenance of 30 high-rise high-speed residential passenger elevators for the project. After completion, it can effectively improve the housing conditions of local residents, enhance the image of the city, promote the development of vocational education industry and promote the common development of economy and culture.

Project introduction
Guizhou Bijie Shuangshan Construction Investment Co., Ltd. is a state-owned enterprise, mainly engaged in the construction of educational supporting facilities, affordable housing, resettlement housing, shantytowns and other land development and consolidation business. The company launched the shanty town reconstruction project in the Vocational Education City area of Shuangshan New Area in Bijie, aiming to promote the better and faster development of Vocational Education in the city and realize the fundamental transformation of Bijie Experimental Area from a large population area to a large human resources area. Bijie Shuangshan New Area Vocational Education City is located at the junction of Bijie City and Dafang County Administrative District, close to Hangzhou Ruizhou Expressway and Feixiong airport. The total construction land area of the project is 606.71 hectares. It is constructed in the form of "one axis, one heart and one ring". It is compatible with public service area, education and teaching area, student living area, teacher apartment area and ecological control area, and has a strong comprehensive urban sharing function.

This time, the passenger elevator products of high-rise high-speed residential buildings provided by Xinma for the project range from 17 floors to 31 floors, all of which adopt the most advanced technology and configuration. Many technical patents developed by Xinma - "high-rise high-speed elevator compensation device", "high-speed elevator damping rope return device", "a device to improve elevator operation efficiency" and "an easy to identify elevator button" have been applied to these elevator products to ensure a comfortable and safe elevator experience for customers.
Taking "an easy to identify elevator button" as an example, this technology is applicable to elevator installation frame, Braille board, digital board, spring, LED lamp, signal switch and other parts. It has the advantages of easy to identify numbers, fast operation and convenient use for the blind. It solves the problem that passengers are dazzled by a variety of buttons and difficult to choose floors when using high-rise high-speed elevator.
As we all know, Minsheng engineering has strict standards for the comprehensive strength, technical strength and product quality of enterprises when selecting elevator partners. As a professional elevator manufacturer, Xinma elevator not only provides customers with safe and reliable products, but also provides meticulous and thoughtful services according to customers' needs. This attitude has won wide praise in the industry.
The successful bid for the shanty town reconstruction project in the Vocational Education City area of Shuangshan new area, Bijie is a high recognition of the quality and service of Xinma elevator. It not only confirms the good reputation of Xinma elevator in the high-rise residential market, but also lays a solid foundation for the business expansion of Xinma elevator in the field of affordable housing projects. In the future, Xinma elevator will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of "quality as the core, service as the center and customer as the center", further innovate technology, improve quality, strengthen service and honest management, and strive to build an excellent brand of Xinma!

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