[classic project] | Jiebao Xinma elevator settled in the "Haikou back garden" to expand its strength in the field of high-rise housing

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Recently, Hangzhou Xinma Elevator Co., Ltd. and Hainan Zhongan Heyue Real Estate Co., Ltd. reached a strategic cooperation to provide a full set of high-rise residential elevator design, production, installation and maintenance services for its "xinxingyu • Nanhai coast" project.

Project introduction
Xinxingyu · the coast of the South China Sea
Located in the northwest of Hainan Province
Hainan Laocheng Economic Development Zone, known as "Haikou back garden"
Prosperous economic circle near the west coast of Haikou
The regional economy is developing rapidly
Close to the high-speed rail around the island
Multiple bus lines in front of the door
The transportation is very convenient

Coastal green space
The project covers an area of 131600 square meters
The building area is 266000 square meters
Greening rate nearly 50%
Plot ratio 2.0
It consists of 12 25 storey buildings
Hainan Binhai Resort
The park is equipped with senior clubs, medical institutions and the owner's canteen

Hometown of longevity
Xinxingyu · the coast of the South China Sea
Location - Chengmai
As the "hometown of longevity in the world"
Extremely clean air
The forest coverage rate is as high as 62%
It has existed since ancient times
"There are 200000 hectares of green mountains and green waters, and people of 100 years old are often found in ten miles."
Reputation of

Health guard
The local climate is mild and humid
Soil selenium enrichment
It is rich in selenium rich fruits and vegetables
Long term consumption is very beneficial to health
It is adjacent to mangrove wetland reserve
Purify the air and produce a large amount of fresh oxygen
For hypertension and respiratory diseases
Both have good recuperation effect
It is especially suitable for the elderly and daily recuperation
Craftsman & Xinma
all the time
Xinma elevator manufacturing industry
Adhere to high-end quality
Adhere to "go back to the basics and do a good job in products"
Fully carry forward the craftsman spirit
Committed to providing users with safer and lasting products and services
This time, we settled in "new Xingyu · the coast of the South China Sea"
Xinma elevator will help build
Set landscape residence, tourism reception
Vacation and health preservation, leisure and entertainment, business services, etc
Integrated with multiple functions
International tourism and leisure comprehensive high-end community
"Haikou back garden" with blue sea and blue sky
Bring a new breath of life.

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