[classic project] | Xinbao Xinma elevator won the bid for the shantytown reconstruction project again, helping to build a secure housing project in Central Yunnan

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Recently, with outstanding comprehensive strength, green and environmental protection energy-saving products and perfect supporting high-quality services, Hangzhou Xinma Elevator Co., Ltd. stood out from many competitors and successfully won the bid for the provincial unified loan project for the reconstruction of urban shantytowns in Yunnan Province from 2013 to 2017 (phase 9) - Dabanqiao market town, Airport Economic Zone, and became the supplier of 32 high-rise residential elevators in the project.

It is reported that the total construction area of the project is 128367.31 square meters. It is located in the airport economic zone of central Yunnan new area and the intersection of the horizontal axis and vertical axis of urban development in the future. It has special geographical advantages, convenient transportation and great development potential in the future. As a provincial-level unified loan project for the transformation of urban shantytowns in Yunnan Province from 2013 to 2017, affordable housing project is also an important livelihood project, moral and political project and development project, which will produce good social and economic benefits.

As we all know, in the government's livelihood projects, there is a large demand for elevators, but there are strict standards when selecting elevator manufacturers - high requirements for the comprehensive strength of enterprises, product quality, technical force and service level. As a professional elevator manufacturer, Xinma elevator not only provides customers with safe and reliable products, but also provides meticulous and thoughtful services according to customers' needs, which has won wide praise.
Over the years, in order to comply with the development trend of high-rise buildings, Xinma elevator has strengthened scientific and technological innovation and application research and development in the field of high-rise residential elevators, and achieved remarkable results. In addition to maximizing the passenger carrying capacity of new buildings, Xinma elevator is also suitable for the renewal and transformation of existing elevator shafts, so as to increase the carrying capacity of the system and optimize the passenger carrying capacity. In addition, Xinma high-rise elevator adopts a new generation of permanent magnet synchronous technology, which has the characteristics of energy conservation and environmental protection, high efficiency, low noise and stable performance.

This time, we won the bid to become the strategic partner of Yunnan Dianzhong Affordable Housing Construction Co., Ltd. Xinma elevator will provide one-stop services in the whole process from design, production, installation to maintenance according to business customization needs, so that Xinma elevator can complement the local affordable housing projects and improve the quality of life of users!

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