[classic project] | Jiebao Xinma elevator undertook Shangqiu Tiancheng home project to contribute to the reconstruction of shantytowns

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Recently, Shangqiu Tiancheng home project, a shantytown reconstruction project mainly implemented by the provincial, municipal and district governments, is under construction in full swing. As a strategic partner of Shangqiu tianchengjiayuan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Xinma Elevator Co., Ltd. will provide high-quality high-rise residential passenger elevator products and related services for the project to help the rapid development of Shangqiu urbanization.
Tiancheng home project is one of the key projects of shanty town reconstruction in Heliang Park, Shangqiu City. It is listed as a livelihood project approved by Henan development and Reform Commission and enjoying national subsidies and preferential policies. The project is located at the intersection of Tuanjie road and Shachang Second Street in Liangyuan Park, occupying the core area of Shangqiu City, with complete living facilities and unparalleled living environment. The project covers an area of 410 mu, with an overall construction area of about 800000 square meters and a total investment of 1.8 billion yuan.

As an important elevator product supplier in the field of high-rise housing, Xinma elevator has participated in major affordable housing construction projects in China for many times. With excellent enterprise strength and rich project experience, it has won the favor of Shangqiu Tiancheng home real estate development Co., Ltd.
In line with the enterprise spirit of "people-oriented", Tiancheng home real estate project not only pays higher compensation for relocated households than the national compensation standard, but also exempts 5 square meters of house purchase money for the disabled, extremely poor households and "Five Guarantees" in the relocated area. This coincides with the corporate purpose of "creating value for customers and contributing to society" advocated by Xinma elevator for a long time, and lays the foundation for bilateral cooperation.
For a long time, Xinma elevator has been committed to providing customers with reliable and stable products, efficient services and a more comfortable and pleasant elevator experience. Therefore, in terms of product R & D and design, quality control and safety management, Xinma has always followed the world's leading industry standards.
The successful construction of Tiancheng home elevator project is the customer's re recognition of Xinma's strength. In the future, Xinma elevator will always adhere to the guidance of market demand changes, continuously improve products according to customer needs, continuously improve technological innovation ability, and provide customers with all-round and high-quality professional and technical support. We will never forget our original intention and forge ahead!

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