[classic project] | Xinma elevator helps China Warp Knitting Industrial Park to write a new chapter of craftsmanship spirit

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Over the years, with professional quality and service, Hangzhou Xinma Elevator Co., Ltd. has reached cooperation agreements with many enterprises in China Warp Knitting Industrial Park, and has designed, produced, installed and maintained more than 100 Taiwan passenger and cargo elevator products and services for them.
Recently, driven by the good reputation of customers, more excellent enterprises in the park continue to choose to cooperate deeply with Xinma elevator and sign more than 100 elevator products. This time, together with China Warp Knitting Industrial Park, once again confirmed the outstanding R & D, intelligent manufacturing and technological innovation ability of Xinma elevator.

China Warp Knitting Industrial Park
Located in the beautiful Yangtze River Delta——
Haining City in Hangjiahu Plain,
Created in early 1999,
It was approved by Zhejiang Provincial Planning Commission
The first batch of provincial characteristic industrial parks and provincial key engineering projects.
As the largest warp knitting industrial park in China,
It is recognized by the Ministry of industry and information technology
The first batch of "new industrial demonstration bases" in China,
It is listed as "textile new material industry base" by the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China.
The total economic output of warp knitting industry in the park accounts for 70% of Haining City,
It accounts for about 20% of the total industry in China.

all the time,
China Warp Knitting Industrial Park has always adhered to
The development strategy of "establishing a warp knitting Park, revitalizing the park through science and technology and strengthening the park through talents",
Fully build
"Integrity Park, charm Park, harmony Park
Strength Park, digital park and Ping An Park ".
By 2020,
Build the park into the "warp knitting capital of the world".
The current development area of the park is 570 hectares,
There are 471 enterprises in the park,
More than 85% of the enterprises are engaged in warp knitting and related industries.
The cooperation with Xinma elevator this time——
Zhejiang Hailide New Material Co., Ltd
Haining Huanyu Warp Knitting Co., Ltd
Zhejiang GANGLONG New Material Co., Ltd
Zhejiang chengrudan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd
Zhejiang polomi New Material Co., Ltd
Haining WanMu New Material Technology Co., Ltd
Haining JuLang Warp Knitting Co., Ltd
And Haining Tengda Warp Knitting Co., Ltd,
It has made great contributions to the development of warp knitting industry in the park.
This further and
China's warp knitting industrial park,
It mainly benefits from the perfect product system of Xinma elevator.
Xinma elevator will
Continue to live up to your trust and do your best,
Help China Warp Knitting Industrial Park
To become the "warp knitting capital of the world"!
Xinma elevator will fully integrate
More industrial parks are under upgrading and construction,
With more reliable solutions
Better service supports more landmark projects,
Provide new impetus for the development of industrial parks,
With excellent craftsman quality
Make high-quality elevators and serve the world with your heart!

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