[classic project] | Xinma elevator cooperates with Shanhe group to customize the campus elevator for Hubei Three Gorges Vocational College

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The group has reached a strategic cooperation to provide a full set of elevator production, design, installation and maintenance services for the north area project of Hubei Three Gorges Vocational and technical college.

Project introduction

The project is located in the north area of Hubei Three Gorges Vocational and technical college, with a construction area of 52472.62 square meters. As a national industry education integration project, the project is an important project for Yichang municipal Party committee and Yichang municipal government to implement the spirit of the State Council's vocational education work. It is also a practical action to respond to the national supply side structural reform, implement the innovation driven development strategy, and accelerate the transformation from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power.
In this cooperation, Xinma elevator will provide the training building with a full set of elevator products including passenger elevator, cargo elevator, car elevator, fire elevator and barrier free elevator, and specially provide them with customized services. Xinma improves the efficiency of its products by using its own traction machine technology and energy feedback system. It is equipped with intelligent operating system and self-help poverty relief functions. At the same time, it adopts silent control contactor to minimize the starting and stopping noise of the elevator. It adheres to the concept of environmental protection and energy saving, creates a quiet and comfortable elevator environment and ensures the travel safety of teachers and students, Bring them a better elevator experience.

For a long time, with its professional craftsmanship, excellent and reliable quality and comfortable and elegant elevator experience, Xinma elevator has shown the market its intensive cultivation of products, the ultimate pursuit of details and the courage to shoulder social responsibility.

This time, we joined hands with Shanhe group to establish school enterprise cooperation with Hubei Three Gorges Vocational College, which is another recognition of Xinma by customers. In the future, Xinma elevator will continue to make sincere and intelligent contributions to the development of local urban economy and education.

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