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On June 23, 2017, the working conference of Meitong home group in the first half of 2017 was successfully held in Xinma elevator headquarters. At the meeting, Ms. Xu Li, chairman of Meitong group, comprehensively analyzed and summarized the work of the group in the first half of the year, and arranged the work objectives and tasks in the second half of the year. It is required that in the second half of the year, we should take a look at the situation, take advantage of the momentum, strive to fight the "three key battles", strive to build the "three industrial chains", emphasize the important decision of reaching a strategic cooperative relationship with Xinma elevator, and unswervingly complete the tasks and objectives of the whole year.
After the meeting, in order to promote the friendly and cooperative relationship of "New America and win-win", create new development and create brilliance. Carry out quality training and new thinking management activities with Meitong group.

At 9:30 a.m. on June 23, Mr. Sheng Xiaohu, general manager of Meitong group, presided over the "new beauty win-win" strategy sharing meeting in Xinma headquarters. Participants included the management of Xinma elevator and the middle and senior management cadres of Meitong group.
At the beginning of the meeting, President Sheng of Meitong group introduced the concept of "exponential organization" and made a penetrating interpretation and analysis of it in combination with the group's development experience and marketing strategy for more than 20 years. The topic is guided by the psychological needs of consumers and implements the "three elements" strategy. First, we should seize market share, second, we should maintain fixed customers, third, we should implement quality management, and how to improve the entry threshold of competitors.

Subsequently, the "new beauty win-win" strategy sharing meeting was held around the six themes of "awe", "trust", "innovation", "persistence", "change" and "investment". The meeting pointed out that people should learn to fear themselves, give themselves a sense of ceremony and do things with awe; The secret of trust lies in the controllability of authorization, error tolerance and the mastery of overcoming the desire for control; Real innovation is not just surface processing; Long term persistence not only needs strong psychological quality, but also depends on the reasonable planning of goals; Change can reject mediocrity, and improving personal knowledge is the only way to maintain freshness; The Drucker era is out of date. Only by investing in "fast + fashion" (F4) can we obtain the hidden profits of non-standard goods.

In order to create an atmosphere of unity and cooperation, stimulate the morale and vitality of employees, enhance mutual understanding, and strengthen communication, trust and cooperation. On the afternoon of June 23, Xinma elevator and Meitong group jointly carried out the quality development activity of "surpassing ourselves and challenging limits".
The activity is mainly divided into two parts: team camp and expansion project.
The opening of the team mainly includes two ceremonies: flag presentation and oath. As the coach's whistle sounded, all the staff immediately lined up according to the six colors of red, green, orange, yellow, purple and blue. The coach began to give the flag. The team members enthusiastically discussed their team name, slogan, team song and logo. In the oath ceremony, the team members of each group put down their usual reserve, held high the team flag, shouted slogans and Gao Kai's team song.
After the formation of the team, it's time to test the combat effectiveness of the team.





The management training course is mainly divided into six modules, including organization activation, responsibility thinking, human resources, incentive system, trust communication management and Internet marketing thinking. In Mr. Liao's opinion, excellent enterprises are self driven change. In order to carry out management change, we must cross the thinking trap; Management is a kind of practice. Its essence lies not in knowledge, but in practice. Its verification lies not in logic, but in results. Its only authority is achievement; The management ability of an enterprise is not reflected in strategy, but in human behavior. The ability of employees is like an underwater iceberg. The key lies in whether managers can lift the underwater iceberg out of the water through guidance.
As the most popular practical manager of well-known enterprises in China, Mr. Liao has decades of education and training experience and the background of engineers in top 500 enterprises. His gossip and pertinent teaching style makes those boring theories humorous and thought-provoking.

Through this pairing training, both enterprises have a deeper understanding of the new thinking of management. At the exchange meeting that afternoon, everyone spoke enthusiastically and ushered in another gluttonous feast of thought collision. I believe that inspired by these new ideas, we will better devote ourselves to our future work and contribute to the new development of Xinma elevator and Meitong group.

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