Xinma elevator takes you to appreciate the charm of daciyan, a national 4A scenic spot!

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"The mountain is a Buddha, and the Buddha is a mountain". Recently, good news came from daciyan, a national 4A scenic spot. Xinma elevator reached a cooperation agreement with Jiande Xin'an Tourism Investment Co., Ltd. and provided two sightseeing elevators, which provided a good travel experience for tourists in the scenic spot. It is also another successful case of Xinma elevator in the scenic spot project.



Daciyan is 586 meters above sea level. Its main peak is steep, tall and majestic. Half of it is suspended in the sky and half of it is embedded in the rock belly. It is quite dangerous and spectacular. It is similar to Hengshan Xuankong Temple in Shanxi. Therefore, it is called "Jiangnan Xuankong Temple". Another newly-built temple, Qingfeng Pavilion, is built on cliffs and cliffs. It has a panoramic view of mountains and rivers, and is extremely suspended in the air. The "Tianzhan Yundu" carved by modern people is arranged along the cliff according to the situation. It is a corridor extending with a stone fence. Looking down from the fence, it has the feeling of "hanging at the bottom of the foot".

Daciyan mountains and rivers depend on each other, and lakes, streams, waterfalls and streams can be seen everywhere. It winds down from the top of the mountain, forming a unique changgu river landscape with a length of 880 meters. Moreover, daciyan mountain has a high and steep slope, and there is Yuhua Lake in the valley on the top of the mountain. The water flows out of the valley mouth, or rushes straight into a waterfall, or flows into a stream due to the obstruction of large stones, or seeps into the disordered stones into a spring, or hidden or obvious, large or small, or urgent or slow, and twists and turns to the foot of the mountain。

Construction and as built drawings

With its own brand strength and solid product quality, Xinma elevator has successfully won the trust and strong support of Jiande Xin'an Tourism Investment Co., Ltd. and helped daciyan build a high-quality scenic spot. As of today, the project has been completed perfectly. I believe it can bring comfortable play to the majority of new and old tourists.

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